A collaboration with Feng Shui by Jen® and ZEN by Karen Moore ® for the Year of the Metal Ox.
The ZEN Herkimer Diamond bracelet, with the sterling silver cable chain, is the essence of Yin Metal Ox. Yin Metal signifies beauty, grace, elegance, and harmony. The Ox, an Earth sign, brings nourishing energy to support rebirth and growth. This stunning gemstone is commonly found in Herkimer, New York, but it is not a diamond as one may think because of its name. Herkimer Diamond is known for its twinkle because it is a naturally occurring, double-terminated quartz crystal. Every piece typically has 18 faces, which adds to its natural brilliance and allure. Do not underestimate the delicate appearance of a Herkimer Diamond either. This gemstone carries the energy of transformation and change, bringing to light the energy that lies within the bearer. Traditionally, it is also regarded as one of the most spiritual gemstones because it can be used as a tool for supporting meditation and spiritual growth, thereby bringing you clarity and balance of the mind, body, and spirit. The chakra energy associated with this gem is the crown, or seventh energy center. It is believed to be our access to universal happiness and bliss. A clean connection to the higher universe is possible for all when this chakra is active and clear, and it supports navigating life more freely and with ease. Make 2021 your year to shine with the ZEN Herkimer Diamond bracelet. 
Product Details: • Delicate sterling silver cable chain, adjustable to 8 inches. • Herkimer Diamond is set in place on a movable silicon bead. • Packaged in a jewelry pouch with the gem meaning, ready for gift-giving!